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Building Collapse from Snow Damage

Due to the large amount of heavy wet snow that fell on January 12th, the training building was severely damaged. The majority of classes have been cancelled or moved to new locations. We hope to have more information regarding the future of the building after we meet with the insurance adjustors.

We would like to say thank you to all of our students and supporters who have offered help and assistance over the last few days. We greatly appreciate your support and will let you know if there is any way you can help us.

Thank you!!

Ginger and Kathy and all the CCSC Staff.


CCSC Roof collapse fun facts:

  • Building was closed so NO one was inside

  • We are insured so we hope we can 'come back'

  • We have a fabulous Dog community who have supported us so we anticipate 'making do'

  • The gas main was ruptured but the Columbia Fire Department and Ameren shut it off leaving services to the small building

  • We are not holding classes next week (Jan 14-18) to assess damages and see how to accommodate as many of our activities as possible

  • We will try to keep everyone apprised - tomorrow we get a look at the damages for those who have been in the building in past snows knows, usually the snow slides off the roof filling the space between the buildings and piling up on the sides. If you look at the photos there is NO to little snow on the ground which means 14+" of wet snow all stayed up on the roof!!!

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