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Building Memberships

At CCSC, we believe that training your dog is a lifelong endeavor, not a one-time class. All of our classes ask that trainers (that would be you, not us) work with their dogs on a regular basis, and some classes have a specific training prerequisite.

The easiest way to train on a regular basis is through a CCSC Building Membership. Your building membership offers many privileges. Members get a key card, which they can use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to access the building and all equipment. No need to purchase your own dog walk or obedience jumps, members can use ours. Members also get four feet of crating space in the training building.

  • Take three classes in one session and get a free building membership for that session

  • $50 for six weeks if enrolled in a concurrent class.

  • $60 for a month of membership, no class enrollment required

  • $240 for four months of membership (prepaid), no class enrollment required

  • $360 for six months of membership (prepaid), no class enrollment required

  • $720 for one year of membership (prepaid), no class enrollment required

Click Here for Membership Form
Building Member Guidelines
  • Classes and shows take priority. Sometimes, however, there are empty rings available even when classes are going on. Check the schedule. If a class setup is marked in the agility or rally ring, do not move it.

  • Respect others. If several members are trying to use the same ring in off hours, trade off and help each other.

  • No Smoking. There is no smoking on CCSC grounds. You may smoke inside your vehicle as long as you extinguish and discard all smoking materials within the vehicle.

  • If you move it, put it back. If you make a mess, clean it up. If you turned it on, turn it back off. If you break it, own up and take responsibility.

  • Do not leave food/treats in the building. Any treats will be

  • No ex-pens without express permission.

  • Keep your crate area clean!

  • Do not leave your dog at the building unattended.

  • No equipment is allowed to be removed from the building.

  • Do not use the agility equipment if you are not or never have never been enrolled in an agility class. You could badly scare and/or injure your dog!

  • No children on/in the agility equipment! The equipment is not made for children. CCSC is not liable for any injuries incurred, and parents may be liable for replacement costs of any equipment damaged.

  • Be safe. If working alone, it’s strongly advised that you leave the outer doors locked and keep your keycard and cell phone handy.

  • LOCK UP!! LOCK UP!! Check all doors to ensure they have been closed tightly. Do not assume that because a car is in the parking lot, someone else is there. Sometimes people carpool to shows and leave cars in the lot.

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