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Columbia Canine Sports Center is proud to be offering some of the first classes in the new sport of nosework in central Missouri.  Our classes are led by Certified Nosework Instructors (CNWI) that have done the training program provided by the National Association of Canine Scentwork.


Nosework: Level 1

Beginning class that teaches your dog to hunt for food or a toy using his incredible nose!  It’s recommended that your dog can stay comfortably in a crate or your car while waiting for his/her turn. Bring some favorite treats, a leash and your dog and start hunting!

Prerequisite: None. Class length: 50 minutes Limit: 6 dogs

Nosework: Level 2

The second class in our nosework training pathway that teaches your dog the first odor, birch, builds on hunting skills used in Introduction to Nosework.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Nosework. Class length: 50 minutes Limit: 6 dogs

Nosework: Level 3

Our Nosework: Level 3 class class focuses on specific skills (threshold hides, ground level hides, converging odors, etc.) and a variety of elements (interiors, exteriors, buried, vehicles, handler discrimination). This class builds up the skills necessary to compete in either NACSW Nose Work or AKC Scent Work trials.

Prerequisite: Beginning Odor Class length: 90 – 120 minutes

Nosework: Level 4

This class provides increasingly challenging hides for you and your dog now that you are hooked on nosework,

Prerequisite: All Elements and Skill classes or Instructor approval. Class Length: 90 - 120 minutes


Nosework Classes

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