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Liability Waiver:

I/We hereby assume all risks of, and responsibility for, accidents and/or damage to myself or to my property or to others, resulting from the actions of my dog. I/We expressly agree that Columbia Canine Sports Center LLC, and/or NACSW™ or any other person, or persons, of said groups, shall not be held liable personally, or collectively, under any circumstances, for injury, and/or damage to my person, for loss or injury to my property, whether due to uncontrolled dogs or negligence of any member of said groups, or any other cause, or causes.


Covid-19 Waiver:

I/we certify that I/we do not, to my/our knowledge, have COVID-19 at the time of attending this event. Nor have I/we been in contact with or exposed to any known carrier of COVID-19 within the past 14 days. If I/we have had the virus, I/we certify that we have had at least two negative tests 14 or more days prior to the Event or have had a positive antibody test and have been released by government officials and/or health care providers to resume normal activity without limit. I/we understand that we have entered and are competing at this NACSW™ event entirely at my/our own risk and take full responsibility for my/our own health and safety during this Event. I/we pledge to follow all NACSW™ and Columbia Canine Sports Center LLC event rules and requirements to mitigate any possibility of infecting others or becoming infected. I/we will also cooperate with any health department and/or State/Local guidelines that have jurisdiction in the area in which the Event is taking place. and the Columbia Canine Sports Center LLC are in no way liable for any present or future COVID-19 infection incurred at any time by any person, in attendance or not in attendance, before, during or after this Event.

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