Welcome to CCSC

Columbia Canine Sports Center
is a multi-faceted
dog training and event center 
located in Columbia, Missouri, halfway between Kansas City and St. Louis.

To make sure all of our students and instructors stay safe, we are requiring the following:


  • Everyone is to wear a mask or face shield while attending class. One CCSC face mask will be provided with each enrollment

  • We are adding three hand washing stations in and around the training building, and will ask everyone to wash their hands before and after class

  • We are reducing class sizes and the number of classes held at any one time to meet the current 10% or less of maximum occupancy requirement.

  • Reduce class time to 50 minutes to allow for students to arrive/leave and to clean between classes.

We are following the City of Columbia's Public Health and Human Services Department's Order dated August 28, 2020 regarding mask usage, social distancing, and group size.

COVID-19 Update


We offer AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, Advanced Puppy, and Pet Manners classes taught by instructors with years of experience instructing and competing with their own dogs.


Our regular classes meet for 50 minutes a week for a total of six weeks. A six-week session cost $125.

2021 Session Dates

Session 1
New Student Orientation     12/30/21
Session Begins    1/4/21 
Session Ends    2/12/21

Session 2
New Student Orientation     2/18/21
Session Begins    2/22/21
Session Ends    4/2/21

Session 3
New Student Orientation     4/8/21
Session Begins    4/12/21
Session Ends    5/21/21

Session 4
New Student Orientation     5/27/21
Session Begins    5/3121
Session Ends    7/9/21

Session 5

New Student Orientation     7/15/21

Session Begins      7/19/21

Session Ends      8/27/21

Session 6

New Student Orientation      9/2/21

Session Begins      9/6/21

Session Ends      10/15/21

Session 7

New Student Orientation     10/21/21

Session Begins      10/25/21

Session Ends      12/10/21

No classes the week of Thanksgiving

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