Welcome to CCSC

Columbia Canine Sports Center
is a multi-faceted
dog training and event center 
located in Columbia, Missouri, halfway between Kansas City and St. Louis.

Revised Mask Requirements
May 16, 2021, until further notice

We have been following the CDC and the City of Columbia guidelines for masking for events, classes, and training at CCSC. With the recent changes in guidelines, we are making the following changes to our COVID policy.

  • We would still prefer that everyone wear a mask while attending classes and events at CCSC — at least until the vaccination rate in Boone County is around 60%. We have kids that are taking classes that have not had the opportunity for a vaccine and we have some clients that are unable to get the vaccine because of health reasons.

  • We will keep our class size at 6 teams per class. While we made this change for COVID, we believe it has been the best for students and instructors across the board so will maintain the smaller class size.

  • When actively running in agility classes, we will allow students to not wear masks

  • If a class is being held outside and you are maintaining a 6 ft distance you can go without a mask. When speaking to students or instructors feel free to remove the mask for better communication (we know that has been a problem) but again only with a 6 ft distance.

  • If you feel comfortable letting us know if you are fully vaccinated and can provide proof, we would be happy to have you not wear a mask but would require the 6 ft distance.

  • If other rules or regulations for mask wearing change to become more restrictive again, we will follow those rules.

COVID-19 Update


We offer AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, Advanced Puppy, and Pet Manners classes taught by instructors with years of experience instructing and competing with their own dogs.


Our regular classes meet for 50 minutes a week for a total of six weeks. A six-week session cost $140.

2022 Session Dates

Session 1
New Student Orientation     12/30/21
Session Begins    1/3/22
Session Ends    2/11/22

Session 2
New Student Orientation     2/17/22
Session Begins    2/21/22
Session Ends    4/1/22

Session 3
New Student Orientation     4/7/22
Session Begins    4/11/22
Session Ends    5/20/22

Session 4
New Student Orientation     5/26/22
Session Begins    5/30/22
Session Ends    7/8/22

Session 5

New Student Orientation     7/14/22

Session Begins      7/18/22

Session Ends      8/26/22

Session 6

New Student Orientation      9/1/22

Session Begins      9/5/22

Session Ends      10/14/22

Session 7

New Student Orientation     10/20/22

Session Begins      10/24/22

Session Ends      12/9/22

No classes the week of Thanksgiving